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Dallas Video Production

Bring your vision to life with our high-quality video production and editing services.  We offer only the most affordable, highest quality available.   We work closely with you to produce the dream visual, and make your business shine.


Video Production Services

We offer high quality affordable video production services including up to a 4 man crew and all gear.  Client usually provides cast and locations, although for an additional fee we can provide cast and location.  This is a great deal for those who want a music video, short film or business commercial. 



*Video Production - $50 per hour (8 hour day rate - $350.00)

*Music Video Production - $999.99 each (Includes Editing)

*Business Commercial - $499.99

*Youtube Video - $99.99

Videographer Pricing

WE COME TO YOU!!!  With our affordable videographer pricing, you can finally have the high quality video that you need to compete in today's industry.


*Videographer Pricing - $50 per hour ($350.00 8 hour day rate)


Post Production Services

With our Affordable Professional Post Production Services, your film will look like a Hollywood production!!!  We are experienced in major productions and take that experience to a smaller level production with the same quality output.  


*Post Audio Services - $50.00 per hour

*Post Video Services - $50.00 per hour

*Virtual Video editing - $25.00 per hour

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Video MarketingTips

Here we will discuss Video Marketing Tips

Here we discuss video marketing tips to help improve your online visability.


Video helps get your message across to your clients about your product or services.  It is important to have a high quality video nowadays as consumers are used to high quality video and will be turned off by low quality.  The message also must be relayed swiftly to ensure the message is received before the consumer's focus is turned elsewhere.  Shorter is usually better and the higher the quality, the longer the viewer will pay attention.

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Video Production and Post Production  Tips

Here we will discuss Video Production and Post Production Tips

Ever wonder what the process is when making a short film?  Here is a short checklist that we use:

*Write Script

*Write Storyboard

*Write Synopsis

*Determine Shots

*Determine Look

*Determine Audience

*Hire Crew

*Hire Actors

*Write Shotlist

*Prep for Shoot

In our next segment, we will explore our shoot checklist to have while onset

For More Home Studio Tutorials, visit The Poor Man's Guide

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