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Bringing back Artist Development and helping to make a better industry

The Dallas Music Bootcamp is an expedited music course that was created to help the industry strengthen its artist development and teach the general public how to write, record and perform like the majors.  At the end of the course, you will have written, recorded and performed a professionally produced hit, with the assistance of award-winning engineer/producer/singer-songwriter Cnote (Snoop Dogg/Hustle Game/Yung LA/Bryan McKnight/Kenny G and more)

You will gain valuable knowledge on the music industry and learn secrets no one will tell you.

This expedited, short but powerful course is great for anyone looking to gain more knowledge, have fun in the studio, or someone looking to create a professional demo of their work.  

Learn how the majors write, produce, record and perform from someone who has worked with the majors.  

What the course offers

1 on 1 Instructer Led Courses

Production Session/Class

Mixing Session/Class

Mastering Session/Class

7 Hour Course

The course includes two 3 hour sessions in our state of the art multimedia facility. 

Day 1  - Composition/Writing/Rough Drafts (3 hours)

Day 2 - Recording/Mixing/Mastering (3 hours)

Day 3 - Live Performance (1 hour)

The first day you are in the studio with the producer talking over the song you will be doing.  You will then write as the producer creates the track.  Once you have both finished writing, you will then go into the booth to record rough vocals to the song. Once you and the producer are satisfied with the recording, he will make you a rough mix to take home so that you can listen and learn the song to re record it the next day. 


The next day you will come back into the studio to re record the song for real this time.  Once you and the producer are satisfied with the track, then he will begin the mixing class.  Once you are both satisfied with the mix, the producer will begin the mastering class.  Once the mastering class is complete, the producer will create a master and a performance version and give to you to learn for the final portion of the course...the performance. 


The final day you will come into the live room to perform your song in front of your friends and family.  The performance will be videotaped, and a copy will be sent to you once edited.

Now offering 5 scholarships for interested aspiring young artists, ages 14-20... please email Cnote@Audio-Video-Web.com for more information.

Classes Begin September - Reserve your chair NOW!!!

Limited Time Pricing - $199.99 (Normal Pricing - $499.99)

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